27 Oct 2010

1 railways - views

Tokyu Toyoko from Linus Yng on Vimeo.

More than just transport and flows, the railways can provide a view of the city in movement. Above a film from Tokyu Toyoko (Tokyo-Yokohama) line by me. Below are pictures from two other lines worth  travelling with for the radically different view they provide of the city.

Views from Toden Arakawa-line.

Toden Arakawa-line is one of two remaining tram lines in Tokyo and the only thing left of the tram network inside of Yamanote.
This area of Tokyo differs a lot from the areas where I live.


A mixture of scales, seemingly randomly placed high-rises dot the city.

Views from Yurikamome-line.

Rainbow Bridge takes us to Odaiba in Tokyo bay.

Bridges is main theme for this island where the traffic is separated onto different levels according to old ideals.

Motorway and Fuji-tv.

Yet another bridge.

The lift track for the Yurikamome. Which is not an monorail. More of a bus.

In distance, Tokyo big sight. Which is more absurd the closer you get.

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