11 Jul 2011

Recommend Tokyo Architecture

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Tokyo Institute of Technology Centennial Hall

Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech) Centennial Hall, 1987 - Kazuo Shinohara. The role is the hall is to provide exhibition space, meeting rooms, a small exhibition about the history of Titech and to serves as a landmark situated on the edge of the campus dominating the (taxi) plaza in front of Ookayama station. The other key buildings of this square are the Tokyo Tech Front by Kazunari Sakamoto and a the Tokyu Hospital[Tokyogreenspace] by Koichi Yasuda.
Kazunari Sakamoto was a student of Shinohara as noted in the Sumida Culture Factory post by me this genealogy is important in the understanding of Japanese architecture. Another famous architect from Titech is Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-wow.
Kazuo Shinohara has deep influence on the development of Japanese architecture and has recently come to international attention again, partly because of being awarded the memorial golden lion in 2010 Venice Biennale.