21 Jan 2011

Miyashita Park - Made in Tokyo

Miyashita Park in Shibuya-ku, from Made In Tokyo one of the books about Tokyo by Atelier Bow-wow. This park is being redeveloped by Nike which is causing some controversy... See herehere, or here. Atelier Bow-wow is behind the design...

From Tenunobu Fujimori et al's, "Institute of Street Observation" we discovered the joy of actually walking the street and finding fragments – allowing the swelling of imaginations and the speaking of small urban histories.

Contemporary Tokyo’s situation is a crazy mixture of main-products and by-products of modernisation. 

Tokyo is an agglomeration of buildings, traffic infrastructure, civil engineering. Its landscape is said to lack visual control and is popularly thought of as chaotic or as 'white noise'. However, this kind of interpretation is based of mechanistic theory and semiotic systems. So, if we change the premise, a totally different interpretation of the city should be possible.

Made in Tokyo - Introduction.

Titel: MADE IN TOKYO, メイド イン トーキョー (Meido in Tōkyō)
Isbn: 4-306-04421-1
By: Momoyo Kaijima, Junzo Kuroda, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto


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  3. great post.. interesting stuff. do you know by any chance what happened to the 'made in tokyo' website??