13 Jan 2011

night views

The limits of the super block defining the so called Urban Villages, even tough they are not always villages in themselves in function. But Tokyo is a city of functional villages, but they doesn't overlap with the Urban Village definition. Functional in the form of small communites within walking or cycling distance from a train station. Of course in the city center and further out this simple model falls apart, it also not true for all train lines, however it is the ideal of Tokyo in example the Tokyo Fiber City 2050 plan ( - in my opinion, very interesting research)
High buildings along a a larger road, low building between roads. At the top a wall of buildings along another road. This is defining morphology for Tokyo to large extent. However the larger roads are only one of a number of networks useful to orient oneself in the city.

The density along a road.
An overview of the wall of buildings.
A more classical night view. Showing the city brighter than it is. Tokyo is a very dark city.

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