9 Jan 2011

a list of buildings - introduction

This is a list of buildings worth seeing in Tokyo. It shouldn't be used as list of buildings that should be seen on a short trip to Tokyo. There are other building and places worth visiting.

This is a list of the buildings that I've visited that has impacted me the most; this is not a statement indicating that the buildings in any way are the best pieces of Architecture in Tokyo, or even the best by the respective architects featured in this list. 

Some of them aren't even in Tokyo (but always in the greater Tokyo area), and two of the high quality architecture areas in Tokyo has been omitted to simplify the process: Ginza and Ometosando. Also limitations of scale apply, it is a list of buildings not houses as such things are understood in Japan. 

But seeing the buildings featured in the coming posts have somehow opened up my eyes for the variety found in Japanese architecture. 

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