29 Jan 2011

Yokohama Int Ferry Terminal

The competition for the new structure above the grand pier in Yokohama was won by Foreign Office Architects 2002. An organically [1] shaped wooden landscape with patches of grass undulation and sliding between the different levels.

[FOAs] Yokohama Ferry Terminal saw them burst on to the international scene with an extraordinary structure which blended infrastructure, engineering, architecture and landscape to create a new typology for transport.
- The Architecture of Hope (introduction about FOA)

Projects as seen from the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

Wooden deck, stairs and lights.

On top of the roof.

Grass deck with technical section describing why high heels on the grass is a bad idea.

From the wrong side.

Children playing on the grass.

Interior view. Origami inspired folded roof.

A less sunny twilight view.

Entrance to bar.

Wooden deck in the rain.

The parking space below the terminal is worth visiting. How the border between inside and outside is handled in the elevator is worth noting.

Access: Nihonodori station on Minato Mirari-line, 5 min walk. Minato Mirari-line connect directly to Shibuya in Tokyo as Tokyu Toyoko-line.

[1] The meaning of the word organic in architecture is a completely different depending on context and time. For more about this see Imagining the organic city by Meike Schalk.

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