14 Jan 2011

meiyaku dori

A bicycle lane in Setagaya-ku. An update from an earlier post today about bicycle lanes. Note the cigarette butts in the curb. Curbs are were garbage ends up. 
It not a wide blue lane, this isn't enough space to feel comfortable or safe. What is actually the point? To confine or limit the cyclist?

More things you can find in the curb.
Like a parked car.
Setagaya-ku Trash net (for collection of burnable garbage 2 days a week). 
On the side walk you can walk in one direction (with traffic on the road) and bicycle against it. Of course nobody seems to obey these signs.
Two bikes on the sidewalk next to an bicycle lane.
This bicycle lane only covers 500 meters of road and is probably an experiment. In my opinion it is pointless. For people who want to ride slow there are wide and safe sidewalks and for faster rides they can ride with traffic on this road. 

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