31 Jan 2011

an urban farm

An Urban Farm along the Tamagawa Josui. Here you buy your locally produced vegetables, just leave some coins corresponding to amount you take with you. There are many small patches inside the urban areas of Tokyo still working as farms. This is the advantage of urban development happening in small chunks.
Today these farms are seen as resource by the city.

A shed.
Fields surrounded by houses.
A bird watching the field.
Patches of vegetables and strange structures.
Tool shed.


  1. Great photos, Linus!! We were so glad to have you along. I'll have to send you the photo of vegetable "vending machine" that had eggs for sale. I've seen that type of machine before - depositing the coin opens the door - but never with eggs. It would have been lovely to see the chickens, their coop or outside running about, not in the vending machine...

  2. Thanks! It looks very nice on in slight dull winter colours I think.
    It was very nice go with you on the walk.
    Please send me that picture. No chickens in the vending machines!

  3. I think.
    It was very nice go with you on the walk.