Parallellt is a Swedish word for parallel in the sense of parallel to. It was name of what was to become a network of Swedish architecture students, providing a framework for discussion and other things regarding architecture and the city we lived in, Stockholm. At the time we felt that the public debate about the city was lacking something very important. Ideas.
I still read about what happens in Stockholm and I feel removed from the city and the qualities, except beauty, it lacks. Of course having a name for activities likes this one is important. Once the name parallellt was suggested I strongly supported it. At the time I had been reading Robert Musils The Man Without Qualities, in which the Parallel Campaign tries to define the ideas of the time in dying Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.  The idea being that we would propose conflicting ideas in the same place and evolve the idea of what a city Stockholm could become.
Not that much did actually happen to be honest. I registered the domain name.

When I went to study in Tokyo I started this sub blog of the dead main blog, I've kept the name. But it is not a about the idea behind city so much as looking at the city.

Most of the contents is in Swedish before I made switch and started writing in English.
Also the labels. But most should be easy to understand anyway. Arktektur - Architecture, Infrastruktur - Infrastructure. Category also based on location, the different wards of Tokyo23, (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Seatagaya etc) and become more loose the further away they are.
Maybe more useful are tags based on architects which should be easy to understand.


  1. nice idea, work and photography! merci!
    in the same thing:

  2. I really like your blog, the Tokyo sketches are very nice.