1 Jul 2013

along the arakawa - shuto expressway

Trucks meeting in the air. Along the Arakawa, a river flowing through the north and east of Tokyo23, the C2 outer loop of the Shuto Expressway is realized high above ground level.
A number of different system of infrastructure follows the river. Lets explore some in this post.

Some bridge are quite beautiful structural systems, some a more built..
Other follow the more mundane logic of the japanese high way construction. A system optimized for series of constraints, structural logic not being the only one. The effects on the structure may at times seem strange.
Escape stair.
The placement of supports and the flowing structure of the road differ.
The scale.
A different logic. Stable and flowing form.
The uneven geometry.

A more focused view of the bridge above.

Notice the length the bridge spans in this slight less optimized bridge.

A mess of bridges in an intersection.

The number of overlapping considerations in these stairs.

The motorway splits.

And we end with view of the sheer height of the expressway.

Two views from the expressway.

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