15 Dec 2010

moriyama house

1) Dismantling. The scale of the neighbourhood.
Moriyama House, Ryue Nishizawa.
The keywords describing the project are from the presentation of this project in Tokyo Metabolizing. This project is a very specific solution to a problem of how to inhabit and how to live. It leans heavily on a number of behaviours only present in this specific context of the contemporary Japanese city.

3) Smallness. Adjusting to the scale of the human body. Volumes with singular purpose. 

5) Transparency. Link between the sunken house and its bathroom.

3) Smallness. Looking up inside bathroom. By manipulating the scale of the spaces the feel odd and behave in a different way than expected. 

5) Transparency 

4) The Creation of an Environment. 

2) Acentricity.  The space between the 4 houses belonging to Moriyama and the sunken house forms a kind of courtyard.
3) Smallness. 

3) Smallness. Even within the volumes smaller space occur. 
7) The Absence of Borders. The picture is full of borders but even when they occur they are somehow controlled and contained. 
6) Multiple tenancy/density. 
5) Transparency 

7) The Absence of Borders. View from the street.


  1. Great Photos... this is a special house (houses).
    What was your take when you saw it? I am curious to see how it feels like to inhabit the spaces.

  2. it very varied between the different houses within the complex.
    the main house, moriyamas, consists of several buildings and as long you are willing to move between them everything seems fine...
    the complex presents a spatial richness with carefully arranged spaces.
    of course it a special lifestyle.
    it seemed very nice to me even

    very nice website you have