16 Dec 2010

Tour updates 16 Dec

Currently planned tours are:
Setagaya ward office meeting hall - Kunio Maekawa
December 18, Setagaya-ku. Cost¥2000 or  ¥1000 for students. Starting point, Segafredo next to Nakameguro station (Google map). 11:00-14:00. Contact me if you want to join. Architecture by CAT, Koh Kitayama, Kengo Kuma, etc. Morphlogy, history etc. Weather 12 degrees and sunny, updated Thursday.

How is to ride a bike in winter in Tokyo? Not bad at all, it is dry and sunny. The daytime of the tour ensures a maximum of daylight and warmth provided by the sun. You don't need to wear a lot of clothes; but gloves and a jacket is recommended.

The tours will continue next year. At least once week, the schedule isn't clear yet but every Saturday is the plan. Along with weekday tours. Stay tuned...


  1. Yes, will update during the day, been a bit lazy. Rough schedule is up now.