5 Dec 2010

legal buildings

Buildings maximising the possible envelope and FAR. Buildings like these aren't rational as built objects in themselves but in relationship to the limits imposed by zoning law, shadow planes, building regulations and economic pressure for land exploitation. In the end creating unique buildings typical for the Japanese city. Far removed from high-rises developments these buildings provide a sense of place.
giraffe building, super legal buildings:55
These kind of buildings are documented in Super Legal Buildings by Yasutaka Yoshimura, 2006. ISBN 4-395-24002-X C3352. Yasutaka Yoshimura used to work for the super Dutch MVRDV known for their diagrammatic designs (as seen in Tokyo on Omotesando, the Gyre building). In Super Legal Buildings the he shows the underlining diagram ruling the shapes of a series of buildings in Tokyo, how it directly influences the shape of the buildings. Or maybe how you can draw diagrams showing the rules the buildings are following. This in itself is not strange but the results are from time to time.
 Of course there are many buildings also breaking the law, more about the some other time.

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