18 Jan 2011


Kengo Kuma, M2, 1991. Originally built as a showroom for Mazda. The fallen temple architecture of collapse, the Ionic column, curtain wall facade; the combination of elements: post modern architecture to the max. This building is completed at the end of the this style of post modern architecture. After this building and one more near Gaienmae station (much more discrete), Kengo Kuma changes style and interests in Architecture. I like this building on it own. But also within the context of the time it was produced in and since it shows that changes of style are possible. Somehow Japanese architecture is always contemporary.

Access, Chitose-Funbashi station - Odakyu line. 10 min walk.
Other works: Nodai Museum (close by), Nezu Museum, Tiffanys in Ginza, One Omotesando,  Shinonome Canal Court 3.

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