7 Jan 2011

Tour update for January

Suginami-ku Tour
Happy new year! And welcome to a bit late schedule for January.

So why would want to join in on this tours? This is what Jared Braiterman from Tokyo Green Space  thinks.

His tours combine visits to notable contemporary buildings, and a broad understanding of Tokyo’s history, topography, planning, edges, forgotten spaces, and endless complexity.
Read full comment here. (And more: herehere and here.)

Tours currently planned are:  
  • Jan 8, Sat.  Setagaya cycling tour.  Cost ¥2000 or ¥1000 for students. Starting point, Segafredo next to Nakameguro station (Google map), 11:00, about 3h. Projects by Kunio Maekawa, Sejima, Kengo Kuma, Atelier Bow-Wow. Some roads. Morphology. Mostly cloudy, 11 degrees. 
  • Jan 15, Sat. Meguro  Cost ¥2000 or ¥1000 for students (Google map). Starting point, next to Segafredo, Nakameguro station. Explore the architecture in dense areas in the wooden belt of small scale houses. 
  • Jan 22, Sat. Suginami Cost ¥2000 or ¥1000 for students. Starting point, Opera City corner of Koshu Kaido and Yamatedori. For details see review above.
  • Jan 29, Sat. Komaba 11:00. Approx 2:30. Cost is ¥1000 or ¥500 for students. Starting point, McDonalds next to Komaba-Todaimae station (Google map). ArchitectureShigeru Ban, Kazuo Shinohara, Hiroshi Hara etcCity: River roadsroad development, morphology, history (similar to here). 
More details at the Tour page.  If you want join send me an email.

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