9 Nov 2010

roads 3 - in change

A lonely house on street where the process of acquiring property has gone far.

This a normal Tokyo house for a narrow property, the difference being that is the only house left standing here. On this side of the street the whole depth of this house will be turned into a road. The road is today very narrow and has too much traffic for its width. It is the only convenient route between to neighbourhoods. 
Another structure holding of and waiting for change.

The older houses of with a character of Shotengai. And behind them the future street front.

This building doesn't seem ready to provide the services of the older houses.

On the other side of the street the process takes a different form. Here the houses are replaced with buildings. These buildings are allowed to be higher in exchange for providing a sidewalk.

The remains of a foundation.

This streets is in need of reform. Change is necessary. But seeing it like this if feels depressing, it doesn't have to be like this. It could be done happier, more promising.

Compare to part 1 Pending Change and 2 Variety of Change.

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