4 Nov 2010

Tour updates 4 Nov. Setagaya cycling tour

Zoning map, Setagaya-ku

November 6 Setagaya-ku. Cost ¥2000 or ¥1000 for students. Starting point, Segafredo next to Nakameguro station (Google map), 13:00, about 3h. Projects by Kunio Maekawa, Kenzo Tange, Sejima, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Atelier Bow-Wow. Some roads. Morphology. Confirmed. Weather forecast says partly cloudy 12-18 degrees, 10% chance of rain (updated Thu). To join, send me an e-mail. More about tours here.

Nodai Museum - Kengo Kuma

Setagaya-ku population density

Population growth Setagaya-ku

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