25 Nov 2010

a walk along tamagawa josui

Tamagawa Josui 玉川上水 is an early Edo era water-supply system that still is visible in many places. For map look here to see the full extent of the system. The photos in this post only covers a 1-2km or so of the waterway. But it is an interesting linear feature in the city providing, rich in history and spatial scenarios. Further out west it changes style many times. It disappears under a motorway and reappears with different design. 

The old canal is open to air the for a short stretch in Setagaya-ku when passes underneath the Keio-main line.

It appears from underneath Koshu Kaido.

A rich setting, this small green pocket is surrounded by houses almost completely.

A narrow path goes along the side.

Once we leave this stretch it turn into something more usual, a linear park. Here mostly used as playground.

Elephant slide.

View from the passage underneath Kannana-dori. 

Once past the ring road it change atmosphere again, more ordered and structured. Here groups of mothers watch their children play. (The social structure of these play dates is also worth noting, maybe another time.)

Space for sitting, of course most people seems to me that a bench would be nice since allows for wider range of activities.

Once we pass the border into Shibuya-ku it turns from over nice playground into lush vegetation.


The houses along this kind green space generally don't respond to it. The windows aren't turned this way, there are no spaces for viewing it.  

Closer to Sasazuka station it turns into a covered linear park again, but without playgrounds.

It then comes out into open again for short stretch, but with a different atmosphere. No lush trees, mostly grass.

And here it passes into Setagaya-ku again after stretch in Shibuya-ku. Every ward treats this kind of things differently, this short stretch provides an overview of different scenarios of use and design. 

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