26 Nov 2010

sky building - the end is near?

2010 Nov 19

Sky Building Number 3, previous post here, is now wrapped up and ready. I've never taken the news of demolition of buildings from this era seriously. Partly because the Nagakin Capsule Tower always seemed to be under threat of going down. But this wrapping up is ominous.

On the other hand the buildings of this era where meant for modular replacement, a changing of appearance, growing and changing with the needs of the city according to the wishes and whims of the people inhabiting the spaces. A promise of change that never came, instead the logic of the city is that the city in itself is the megastructure, not something built on top of it. (Of course trailers, mobile homes and house boats for fills this promise of mobility, change and lightness - but it seems largely ignored.)
The closest thing real megastructure seems to be the elevated railways lines like Yamanote around Tokyo station, Tokyu Toyoko-line, Odakyu line and so on. 
How do you preserve a monument of change? Should you? Coming from the ideology in Stockholm (from where I happen to be writing the this) the answer of course is yes. Representative objects of every era needs to be preserved. To be kept intact. 
Sometimes I feel that the ideology of preservation is dishonest to ideology of building it preserves. At the same time seeing the building like this makes me sad. 

PS september 2011
I recently found out that the building was being renovated and put to new use.
My comments above about preservation are overly simple I have come to realize...

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