12 Nov 2010

hanegi forest housing

Shigeru Ban. Hanegi Forest Housing, 2007.

Architecture among trees.

Stair among with a plant inside looking out.

The project cleverly uses mirrors to partly disappear and dissolve boundaries. The ground is covered with organic materials. 

All units in this complex are in 3 stories to provide varied views and conditions on different floors.
For a little bit more see Shigeru Ban Architects webpage here.


  1. I am living very close by and found it was shigeru ban's architecture thanks to your blog while searching on the internet!!
    Do you know S.B has his office 100m away at higashimatsubara station?
    Thats too bad you're not in Tokyo anymore, I love modern architecture and use to walk in tokyo during the w-e to look for houses...

  2. Yes the office is very nice both outside and inside.
    I like the area around higashimatsubara a lot, is very nice! Enjoy your walks in the area.

  3. Is it possible to get the position for a google map?