11 Jan 2011

KAIT Workshop

 KAIT (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) Workshop, Junya Ishigami, 2008. Japanese contemporary minimalism, everything is white, spaces is fluid yet well defined and loose. It may appear effortless but is everything but. This is a building without walls in the traditional sense, the load bearing columns which also take up the shear forces are disturbingly thin. Yet what they lack individually the make up for in numbers. A total of 305 columns appears to be randomly placed, yet they individually fine tuned; forming a series of spaces with varying density and direction. A large series of configurations were tested to achieve this effortless result. The roof had to be pre-stressed while the columns where to put into place. But standing here inside this forest of white columns none to this is readily apparent  More reading about the construction here.
Junya Ishigami won the price for best project at 2010 Venice Biennale curated by Sejima. Ishigami used to work with or for Sejima.
Acess Hon-Atsugi station on Odakyu Odawara-line. Bus or taxi. (KAIT is yet another university placed with very bad access to the railway infrastructure that the Tokyo area is famous for.)

Furniture by the architect. The plants are part of the design for building. Grey, white and green. The colours of minimalism today. (Compare to this street garden.)

A forest of columns.

Sharp edges, minimal landing into the ground.

Inside and outside fade together.

Details for a minimal lifestyle.


A hanging airplane.

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