15 Oct 2010

Extra architour

Some of the things we saw at one architecture cycling tour.
Yutenji apartments - Koh Kitayama.

Marks on arena i Komazawa Olympic Park, part of a maintenance. 

Empty plots an urban morphology.

A building built around an older house.

A mansion building next to Mado Building by Atelier Bow-wow.


Interesting houses.

T-Flat, an apartment building next to Tamagawa.

Garden in industrial apartments. Creating caring spaces.

Small rivers

Centennial Hall by Kazuo Shinohara, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

A house that could have been in Sweden.

A covered Shotengai. 

Fudomae apartments - Issho.

Small paths, almost abandoned. 

Urban Morphology.

An impossibly slim building.

All in one a very nice day. 

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