3 Dec 2009


Let us begin here looking at an anonymous buildings catching the lights of St Grace Cathedral.

Contemplate how the lights shine on this concrete façade. Surely this is architecture.

See this building; it is not a cathedral, it is a wedding chapel close to Ometosando. Surely this is also architecture, but of a different kind. Or maybe order. But one building brings light to the other.

Watch a woman walk on narrow street partially illuminated by the lights of a delivery truck.

Move to Aoyama-dori and see Fumiko Makis Spiral (1985) building. The top part reflecting the red lights of a billboard.

Named after the way people flow up through the building in a spiral movement.

Pause in the crossing of Aoyama-dori and Ometosando.

Cross Aoyama-dori and follow Ometosando and Pradas Aoyama Epicenter (H&dM 2003) is even more architecture, in a purely quantifiable way.

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