3 Dec 2009


Let us begin here looking at an anonymous buildings catching the lights of St Grace Cathedral.

Contemplate how the lights shine on this concrete fa├žade. Surely this is architecture.

See this building; it is not a cathedral, it is a wedding chapel close to Ometosando. Surely this is also architecture, but of a different kind. Or maybe order. But one building brings light to the other.

Watch a woman walk on narrow street partially illuminated by the lights of a delivery truck.

Move to Aoyama-dori and see Fumiko Makis Spiral (1985) building. The top part reflecting the red lights of a billboard.

Named after the way people flow up through the building in a spiral movement.

Pause in the crossing of Aoyama-dori and Ometosando.

Cross Aoyama-dori and follow Ometosando and Pradas Aoyama Epicenter (H&dM 2003) is even more architecture, in a purely quantifiable way.

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