12 Mar 2013

train, rain, blur (long post)

 Moving through the city in different ways change how you perceive it. From the raised tracks of Odakyu main line we take look at a part of Setagaya.

 Buildings close to the track, construction.
 Going up the distant view becomes prominent.
 A house.
 Roof terrace.
 A street.
 Again close, small road.
 Small apartments.
 Small house - fake balcony.
 Construction, wooden frame.
 The many roof planes of a small Tokyo house.
 The volumes irregular nature.
 Different colored roofs.
 A cemetery.

 A view along an alley.
 Typological mixture of suburbia.
 Roof infrastructure. Post terminal (small).
 River road. Gas.
 Buildings, programatic difference.
 Window placement.

 Sudden void.
 Stair over building.
 Arriving at station.

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