2 Feb 2011


Note that the steps in the gap between the house. One house has complete concrete filling, the other offers a softer surface with steps on top of gravel.
Look below for a series of gardens in a dense pocket of streets on the border of Setagaya-ku and Shibuya-ku. This series of pictures started as an idea that (almost) every utopian megastructure could be found represented in a street garden, I abandoned the project, not because it is false but because is trivially true. 
For one better example street garden see Yet Another Street Garden.

The same shelf garden from the side. 

The nature of the constructions holding together. 

Just plants.

Note the wooden bridge between to boxes.

A more orderly arrangement.

Just the shear amount of creativity that goes into number or arrangements.

Space filling.

A clear progression of sizes.

No space is too small, but what happened to the lonely plant that didn't fit?

Note the upside down flowerpot to give extra height to one plant.

A series of bigger pot and plastic super structure supporting some plants.

The pots are resting.
And some more pictures to finish it off.

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