21 Jul 2009


House in Higashi-Tamagawa, 1973 and Higashi-Tamagawa Complex, 1982 by Kazuo Shinohara.

Arkitektur som gör sig väl i sektion. Idé drivet. Architecture that look good in section. Driven by idea.

Svaret på hur lådan kan ge regnskydd. The answer to how box can provide cover for rain and softer transition between inside and ouside. You remove a part instead of extruding something.

Parkering. Parking.

Note: added English translation since many people seems to find this post. Please also view my frontpage for more contemts in English.


  1. hey linus;) do you have any more informations about this object? it is hard to find something in the internet! :(

  2. yes the internet is bad for this kind of thing.
    2G 58/59 is very good.
    For drawings there is a very good Japanese book with drawings of all Shinohara houses called 篠原一男住宅図面 which has ISBN 978-4395008162 and is available from Japanese amazon

    for more in depth info the older, unavailable books are best. In a good university library one might also find good things in older architecture journals. ask a librarian for help.